Margré de Vries Acupuncture and Shiatsu for East London at The Plane Tree

Margré de Vries


Margré practices both acupuncture and shiatsu, on their own or as an effective combination. She is interested in helping your create conditions for better health, and may use dietary, lifestyle and exercise advice to this end.


  • British School of Shiatsu-Do (1995)
  • College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (2006)

Professional Registration

  • Registered practitioner with Acupuncture Society (MAcS)

About Margré

In practice since 1991, Margré started with therapeutic massage and reflexology before immersing herself in Chinese medicine. Her main practices now are acupuncture and shiatsu: on their own, or as an effective combination.

Besides addressing the condition you seek treatment for, Margré is particularly interested in helping you create conditions for better health. This may be through dietary and lifestyle advice or suggestions for exercises that work for you.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is directed at restoring the overall balance of subtle energy. Besides treating the condition presented, it will also help you feel better in a general way. Many people report increased energy, vitality, better sleep, greater confidence and more enjoyment of life.

Acupuncture treats the whole person and diagnoses the underlying energy pattern that causes your problem. No two people are the same, even with the same condition.

To book an appointment

Bookings can be made using the form below. For further information you can visit her website You can reach her by email at or on 07989 610695. 

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