Medical Acupuncture in Bethnal Green, East London

Our osteopaths John Mallinder and Gervais Roubeix, provide Medical Acupuncture for East London from our  purpose built space in Bethnal Green, not as a stand alone therapy, but when considered as a beneficial element of their osteopathic treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions. 

For further information on Acupuncture with our experienced practitioners Maggie and Margré for a diverse range of conditions, please see our Acupuncture page, or view their profile pages. Whereas John & Gervais trained in Medical Acupuncture through shorter post graduate training, our acupuncturists completed several years of study to qualify them to practice.

Medical Acupuncture is an adaptation of Chinese acupuncture using current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, and the principles of evidence-based medicine. While Western medical acupuncture has evolved from Chinese acupuncture and similarly involves the insertion of fine needles, its practitioners do not adhere to Chinese medicine concepts of Yin/Yang and circulation of qi. Training for Medical Acupuncture is significantly shorter than for Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, as the scope of conditions treated is more limited, and generally confined to the musculoskeletal issues that an osteopath or physiotherapist would treat.  

There is growing scientific research to show the effects of acupuncture on the body. Firstly a release of natural hormones and chemicals block pain signals in the injured area, also stimulating localised blood supply, as well as having a positive effect on muscular trigger points. Acupuncture is recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) for low back pain.

For bookings for Medical Acupuncture in East London as a part Osteopathic treatment please click through to John or Gervais' profiles below where you can book online. John or Gervais would be pleased to speak with you in advance of a visit by phone if you are uncertain if Medical Acupuncture is right for you, or if you are unsure of the difference between this and Chinese Acupuncture with other practitioners at the clinic.

Our Medical Acupuncture Practitioners

Therapist John Mallinder providing Medical Acupuncture to East London at The Plane Tree

John Mallinder

Cranial Osteopathy
Medical Acupuncture

Therapist Gervais Roubeix providing Medical Acupuncture to East London at The Plane Tree

Gervais Roubeix

Medical Acupuncture


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