Psychological Therapies in Bethnal Green, East London

We offer Psychology as well as Counselling & Psychotherapy from our calming purpose built space in Bethnal Green.

Please read below for information about the different psychological therapies on offer. Even then it can be especially difficult to decide which is right for you, especially as the relationship you'll develop with your practitioner will often be a long one. The decision may take some time and our therapists, even if they may not be immediately available to speak with you, are there to help you with your choice.

Please contact our psychological practitioners directly to inquire about appointments. Their contact information is available below by clicking through to their profile pages, which will detail the preferred method for contacting them.

Counselling, psychotherapy, and psychology: What are the differences?

Understanding the difference between counseling, coaching, psychotherapy and psychology (Clinical / Counseling Psychology) can be confusing. On the surface, what they do seems the same… talking therapy to help people who are experiencing emotional distress or wish to make life changes. The professions are however distinct in terms of the philosophy that informs them, the type and length of training they require, and the professional bodies who regulate and represent them. The types of difficulties practitioners are qualified to work with may depend on their qualification as well as their clinical experience.

In addition to this, all counsellors, psychotherapists, or psychologists will also have their own ‘modality’, or theoretical-therapeutic model such as humanistic, cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic, gestalt or others. Practitioners may be qualified to work in one or a number of modalities, or they may integrate modalities.

Generally, it could be said that counselling has a relatively shorter training pathway, and practitioner psychologists the longest, integrating original research into training. Psychotherapy training can depend on the modality and which professional body the course is linked to. Practitioner psychologists hold a protected title and are government regulated by the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), while other psychological therapies are not regulated, however follow the ethical codes of practice of their professional bodies. All fully qualified practitioners have a minimum of 450 supervised hours of seeing clients one-to-one before they become fully registered/accredited with their respective professional bodies.

You might like to have a look at information on the respective professional body websites. Here are the main ones:

BACP- British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

UKCP- United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists

BPS- British Psychological Society

EMDR- EMDR Association UK & Ireland

Our Psychological Therapists

Practitioner Anna Colgan providing Core Process Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing to East London from The Plane Tree

Anna Colgan

Core Process Psychotherapy
Somatic Experiencing

Practitioner Martina Leeven providing Psychology and EMDR Therapy to East London at The Plane Tree

Martina Leeven

EMDR Integrated Psychotherapy

Practitioner Ewa Mach-Zaremba providing Psychology and EMDR Therapy to East London at The Plane Tree

Ewa Mach-Zaremba

Counselling Psychologist
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Practitioner David Taylor providing Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to East London at The Plane Tree

David Taylor

Hypnotherapy /
Contemporary Psychotherapy

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